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Casino bitcoin winnings can be a real deal for everyone. Even if you have not gambled online before, you might like to approach this brand new form of digital entertainment, based on electronic currency.

This kind of i-Gaming is specifically directed to people that are interested in the developments of Bitcoin. Probably many of them have already purchased the cryptocurrency created by Satoshi Nakatomo, and represent an informed public: they have read a lot about bitcoins, they are tech-savvy, they use the Internet, they get involved in social media and they are definitely concerned about the exchange price of their digital assets.

Whoever sees bitcoins as an investment, could consider becoming a player in one of the many online casinos that accept Bitcoin.   

An overview of online casinos

Gambling websites made their appearance in the late 90’s, when the Internet wasn’t yet as widespread as it is today. The first casinos operated in quite a vague legal environment, and some of them turned out to be an instrument of fraud. Slowly, the industry began to self-regulate, brought forward by real investors who believed the Net was a big opportunity for legitimate business. As more and more people began to use the Internet, even legislators realised that the sector needed a clear regulation.

In the first decade of the 21st century many countries legalised online gambling and online poker, which also became a TV phenomenon. In the USA, however, there was a crackdown on such activities and many American players found themselves suddenly banned. This was indeed a hard blow for both users and operators, that felt this fierceness against i-Gaming was very unjust.

Today online gambling is widely accepted throughout the world, although there still are restrictions in some countries.

Competitive edge of a bitcoin casino

A bitcoin casino, as opposed to ordinary online gambling websites, resides in the fact that bitcoins are not considered to be legal tender, and they don’t belong to any central authority. They are a type of digital currency (also called cryptocurrency) based on a peer-to-peer network that no government and no bank can control. Then casino bitcoin winnings cannot be confiscated or seized against the will of their possessors, because there are no intermediaries involved in transactions. This is indeed a revolutionary feature, that will probably change our very notion of currency.

A distinctive advantage of playing in a bitcoin casino is the speed of transfer: you can move bitcoins from one account to the other instantaneously, without the intervention of middlemen. This also means that the cost of transactions is zero or very close to zero. Plus, there is a complete safeguard of anonymity; no bitcoin casino will inquire about your identity to open an account. You will need an email address and nothing else. Lastly, we should not forget that all bitcoin transactions are totally secured by encryption algorithms.

Summing up, there are excellent reasons to give bitcoin casinos like a try.

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